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Gatwick Taxi Wimbledon Park, Taxi--02085424000

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  • Greater London
  • London
  • SW19 7DZ
  • 2016-07-24
  • 1
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Gatwick Taxi Wimbledon Park, Taxi--02085424000 24hrs-Mini Cab Services in Wimbledon Park Taxis-02085424000 24hrs Private Hire and Mini Cab Services for Wimbledon Park is very efficient and provides a good service 24hrs a day. We provide our selves on providing a quality private hire taxi service and we aim to be on time all the time What you should expect from us, is:- A clean car, a smart dressed driver, and a quality service All our minicab Drivers are public Carriage Office (PCO) "Transport for London (TFL)" Registered. All our vehicles, to enable us to provide you with accurate information, All our vehicles are also fitted with mini cabs All our vehicles are able to take credit / debit card payments in the vehicles Give us a call on 02085424000 or just send us an Email :info@cascadecars.co.uk Wimbledon Park Taxi Company available 24hrs a day 365 days a year providing local and long distance. Wimbledon Park Taxi Company provide prompt service to assure you get to your destination on time. Call today - 02085424000 - for a quick quote.

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